Screw Conveyors

B.R. Industries has placed itself among the most prestigious stainless steel Screw Conveyor Manufacturers, located in India. Our superlative industrial screw conveyors are widely used by many leading industries in India as well as in foreign countries. We provide screw conveyors in various capacities i.e. from 250kgs to 3 tones. Our highly valued screw conveyors are accessible at affordable prices.

Salient Features
  • Work for the Principle of Conveyong (transferring) the material by means of Centrifugal (rotation) action of the rotor waram.
  • The waram is made with mild steel /Stainless Steel places to the required pitch & Orientation.
  • It Carries material from one machine to another.
  • Sturdy Construction hence free of vibration.
  • Available in wide range of capacities in MILD STEEL AND STAINLESS STEEL from 250KGS to 3 Tones Capacities.
  • The body of conveyor is made with Standard M.S. S.S. and seamless Pipes.
  • More output with less power consumption.